"I don’t belong to you and you don’t belong to me." 

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Does the AI need my report cards?

I’ve been interested in preserving my identity for a long time and that’s why I kept like everything of my own perceived significance from my life pretty much ever in my old room at my mom’s house. 

Since Artificial Intelligence, life extension and cryogenics are making such strides I feel driven towards other means of identity preservation and decided to get rid of all my stored belongings.  

I’m not gonna lie, it took way longer than expected and it was pretty traumatic for my already overly analytical and also indica marijuana treated self a.) to see what at a self absorbed, materialistic motherfucker I was and how the circumstances under which I arrived and was nurtured left with me no other choice but to be as much And…  b.) to witness the roots of the identity I embody today and see that I have been me the whole damn time while also wondering if I should digitally photograph all gazillion pieces of “me” memorabilia in these drawers and closets before tossing them in to the trash so that all the info about me was conveniently in the same place when the AI recreates my eternal existence at the Singularity?? Ultimately I decided the AI was totally smart enough to figure me out without my stellar report cards and 1st grade camp award for most improved 4-square player so I just threw everything out without taking photos of but a few. 

“The wisest are the most annoyed at the loss of time.”

Dante Alighieri

With the onset of headphones, more and more humans began seeing their lives like movies, complete with soundtracks and the expectation of a meaningful ending…

This song is an adorable, dancey and accurate description of the peak experience of being in love.

Just Like Heaven by The Cure

Show me how you do that trick
The one that makes me scream” she said
"The one that makes me laugh" she said
And threw her arms around my neck
"Show me how you do it
And I promise you I promise that
I’ll run away with you
I’ll run away with you”

Spinning on that dizzy edge
I kissed her face and kissed her head
And dreamed of all the different ways I had
To make her glow
"Why are you so far away?" she said
"Why won’t you ever know that I’m in love with you
That I’m in love with you”

Soft and only
Lost and lonely
Strange as angels
Dancing in the deepest oceans
Twisting in the water
You’re just like a dream

Daylight licked me into shape
I must have been asleep for days
And moving lips to breathe her name
I opened up my eyes
And found myself alone alone
Alone above a raging sea
That stole the only girl I loved
And drowned her deep inside of me

Soft and only
Lost and lonely
Just like heaven

Benjamin Franklin (January 17, 1706 [O.S. January 6, 1705][Note 1][Note 2] – April 17, 1790) was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. A noted polymath, Franklin was a leading author, printer, political theoristpoliticianpostmaster, scientist, musician, inventor, satirist, civic activist, statesman, and diplomat. As a scientist, he was a major figure in the American Enlightenment and the history of physics for his discoveries and theories regarding electricity. He invented the lightning rod,bifocals, the Franklin stove, a carriage odometer, and the glass ‘armonica’.[1] He facilitated many civic organizations, including a fire department and a university…

B.R.A.I.N.S Pop-Ups

BioScience, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, Space

Science and business badasses tell their stories and take questions from their peers. 

Appetizers and artisinal cocktails in a unique location. 

BRAINS salons are where the nanotech badasses hang out with the space and genetics and AI badasses.

Media is present. 

The goal is to powerfully cross pollinate, promote and grow all of the above industries. 

1.) Gin and Genetics at Hawthorne in Boston. Featuring: ZS Genetics, George Church and his lead PhDs, Halcyon Molecular: Michael Andregg, William Andregg and Mark Hamalainen. 

2.) Space Stations and Sushi in San Francisco. Salle Pianos. Featuring CASIS, Sean Casey, Made in Space, Infinity Aerospace. 

3.) Artificial Intelligence and Altruistic Food in Silicon Valley. Featuring MIRI, Singularity University, Leverage Research

Cat Power-“Free” 

Everybody come together
Everybody get together
It’s okay if you can stand to let her dance
It’s okay it’s your right, come on and take a chance
True Romance, when you dance
Don’t be in love with the autograph.
Just be in love when you scream that song on and on

Everybody come together
Everybody get together

You can feel her from the palm that you’re holding on your arm
Cool hands from the get-go
Can your feast on the real one?
Don’t be in love with the autograph
Just be in love when you love that song on and on

It’s okay if you can stand to let him dance
It’s okay; it’s your right, come on and take a chance.
True Romance, when you dance
Everybody come together

Don’t fall in love with the autograph
Just fall in love when you sing your song on the…
Take a chance
True Romance, when you dance

Free Free Free Free Free Free

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Soft skin
You touch me within and so I know I could be human once again
I know you’re faced with something
That could consume you completely

Soft skin
You touch me once again and somehow it stings
‘Cos I know it is the end
I hate that you’re leaving
So why don’t you talk to me?
You act like nothing ever happened
But it meant the world to me

And you can’t and you can’t see the wind in the trees
And you can’t and you can’t see the wind in the leaves
And you can’t and you can’t see the weight in the dark
And you can’t and you can’t see the weight in the heart

Soft skin
I’ll have you be near my heart,
Until I feel human
Soft skin
You were never a lie to begin with
So now I’m suffering

(Source: Spotify)

Trying to Make Sense of “Life Extension” and People Who Say They Want To Die

First of all, I would like to express empathy for us all that humans are cursed with not wanting to die but being forced to die by external forces. 

We all have our way of dealing with this supposed fact/conundrum. 

Why work so hard to build something beautiful (life) when you know it’s going to crumble or be obliterated…?

There are certainly ways to cope: Religion, drugs, having babies and making overly philosophical art about the nature of being…

…and then of course there my favorite. Th flat out denial of the reality that you have to die. 

There is indeed the set of human beings who believe that if you try hard enough to crack the code of life, you can enable a human to live for an indefinite number of years… 

I see people confronting death in three ways: 

1.) Some people are so overwhelmed that they and everyone else are going to die they go nuts and just kill themselves to get it over with. 

2.) Others are more dociley suicidal and “accept their fate” and do weird shit like assert they believe it is their duty to die when “nature” or “god” calls them “to the other side.” 

3.)Then, there are people who are like: I don’t want to fucking die. Fuck you, life is good, have you heard of Medicine. Have you heard of Science…it works, bitches! Have you heard of human progress over time?  Science has a pretty good record for fixing things over time and the more people who work on that science, the faster the problem gets fixed…

Death and disease is my biggest problem.


People you love dying is the most fucked up feeling you have ever experienced and if I could save my friends from having to feel it, holy shit, would I. 

Human beings have achieved some pretty amazing/brilliant things and I don’t see why #stayingalive should not be one of them. 

It would also be cool if we could stop letting babies starve and sending soldiers to war…

Since everyone dies, I have always been confused by the phrase “save a life.” Sounds like all anyone has ever done is extend the duration of a life. Ironically, many of the people who extend human lifespans do not like to be called “life extensionists.”

I have some questions about the so-called radical life extension movement.

What the fuck are people talking about? 

Why are people who express that they don’t want to die in any way radical?

Why aren’t people who perform heart transplants being interviewed for all the recent life extension articles I have seen on the interwebs? 

Aren’t all people adverse to death? Don’t we all believe in science and medicine? Why are we divided on this? 

Who are the naysayers? Why are you grumpy and lame? 

Why don’t you want to help yourself and your loved ones stay alive? Why don’t you want to help the people trying to stop your body from “getting old?” 

Have you ever bought an anti-aging skincare product? 

Why do you believe in the science of wrinkle doctors but not those who study how to manipulate genetics?

Are you aware of the major progress the collaborative powerhouse the Human Genome Project?  Have you heard of George Church? He is the badass from Harvard. 

Nobody really wants to die. And we all want to help others stay alive. 

Staying Alive should be the universal campaign for all of humanity. 

#dystopianmachines #pivothumanspivot #headoutofsand


It Wasn’t Supposed To End Like This

Notes on the Purpose of Life.

Defining who you are and what you do. Finding the reason you were put on this earth. Your path. Your mission. Your purpose and your reason. 

I guess that like most other people, I am a lot of things and I do a lot of things.

Based on evidence I have observed from the trajectory of other humans,  it appears my path was to be born and to die. (Maybe “I” have experiences beyond both of those boundaries but I have no evidence of that). Whatever happens between the born and dying part varies greatly and the user of the human life interface appears to have quite a bit of control over the details…

However there are things that seem relatively pre-determined and if a human wanted to change those things they would need to learn a lot more about how the alleged solitary system that is human self actually functions. 

Craig Venter is according to wikipedia the first person to sequence the human genome (and thus did something paramount in understanding the architecture of human life forms). He said, “If you are concerned about your life, do something with it.” 


Why do trees get to live so much longer than humans? 

Did You Hear the Good News About Immortality?

I heard some really good news recently:

I might be immortal afterall!!!!

Well, maybe not. I’m not even sure what that would mean, exactly, but living a super long and healthy life sounds pretty fucking awesome. 

There are people working on the problem of diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s and they are making progress!

We are on our way to stopping the real terrorists (diseases) for once and for all and super-legit-smart people say it could happen in our lifetime.

200 healthy years. Maybe as many years as you want???

Why should trees get so much more time than us, anyways!!!??????

Meet this cool future predictor who was on Larry King.  He predicts that if you are alive in 2030 that you will have a great chance of avoiding a biological death. He also predicted online shopping more than a decade before it happened. 

I am a major life lover so if you tell me that it’s possible to fix our bodies so that they don’t decay and die… I’m behind it 100%.  In fact, I think EVERYONE who doesn’t hate me and want me to die should rally and help the people at The SENS Foundation and their allies with their mission to find robust cures to all the diseases that might kill me.  I predict that when I am 45 I will be very happy to purchase rejuvenation therapy that is proven effective. I bet once you see it work wonders on me you will want it too. ;) 

Its this line of optimistic and strategic thinking that is is going to give millions of lives millions more years to enjoy themselves. Hopefully those of us alive today are alive to benefit. We can all help speed up the process by staying informed and getting involved. 

I’m working with some friends on making it easier to get involved. I plan to have some parties, build some community, write some things, work on some websites n shiz. 

Going Vegan

Canellini Beans

Black beans

Smoked paprika 

salt and pepper 

basil leaves

sauteed mushrooms


Do it. 

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